Wednesday, 27 February 2013

USA L1 Visa

USA L1 Visa

If your company is transferring you to a location in the United States, you’ll need an L-1 Visa. This visa is designed for intracompany transfers and can allow you to work for your employer in a managerial or other specialised position.

To find out if the L-1 visa is right for you, and to get help with your application, speak to one of Global-Migrate’s qualified immigration advisors today.

In general, your company needs to be doing business in the United States as well as another country, and intend to continue doing so. As an employee, you need to have been working for such a qualifying company for one continuous year within the three years prior to relocating to the US.

Like other non-immigrant visas, you will be limited to a certain amount of time in the US. However, with an L-1 visa you will be able to bring certain family members with you. To find out which family members can travel with you, and what limits they will have on their stay, call Global-Migrate today.

Another difference between the L-1 visa and some other non-immigrant visas is that you will not be required to maintain a foreign residence while you are in the US. You will also be able to apply for permanent residency, meaning you’ll be able to remain in the US even after the period of your L-1 visa is up.

The benefits of relocating to the US through an L-1 visa are great. It can allow you to migrate while keeping your existing job, and lacks many of the limitations of other employer-based visas. To find out more about whether the L-1 visa is right for you, take Global-Migrate’s free initial visa assessment today.

Our qualified advisors have helped many people make their immigration dreams a reality. Let us help you prepare for your move to America.

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