Monday, 28 January 2013

UK Visa

UK Visa

Welcome to Global Migrate Visas, the world's leading UK immigration experts. We offer a unique team of UK immigration lawyers, former immigration officers and experienced immigration specialists to ensure our clients receive the best advice from people who care.

 There are a wide range of UK visas on offer, each with different rules and expectations. It can be tricky to understand which bracket you fall in as an individual, which is where our expert help and advice becomes useful. With our professional and qualified UK immigration experts, you can resolve the complicated issue of a UK visa in no time. Feel free to use our FREE assessment tool to determine which Visa is relevant to you, or alternatively follow the links and read in further depth.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Denmark Immigration

Denmark Immigration

Welcome to Global-Migrate, UK’s most trusted name in Denmark Visas and Immigration.

Denmark is the southernmost of the Nordic countries, located southwest of Sweden and south of Norway. Germany is on the south of Denmark. The country consists of a large peninsula, Jutland and many islands, as well as hundreds of minor islands often referred to as the Danish Archipelago.

Denmark has recently become one of the most active members of the European Union which is giving Skilled foreign workers an opportunity to work in their country. Denmark’s immigration policy is very similar to the HSMP or the Tier 1 General category in the United Kingdom’s skilled immigration options which is not available to foreign nationals anymore. Denmark Immigration uses a point’s based system, namely, the Danish Green Card to attract foreign skilled workers to come work in the EU. Apart from this, Denmark also has a work permit system called the Positive List scheme which allows foreign nationals with a valid job offer from a Danish employer to work in Denmark.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Fiance Visa

Fiance Visa

If you are planning to marry a British national or somebody settled in the United Kingdom, you might be eligible for a UK Fiance Visa. This visa allows you to come to the UK for up to six months before your wedding or civil partnership provided you intend to settle in the UK after it.

If you aren’t sure this is the right category for you, call Global Migrate for help. Our advisors can help you determine which visa category fits your situation.

For a fiancé visa, you and your fiancé must both be over 18 and legally allowed to marry each other. You must have met each other in person, and your relationship must be genuine. You must also demonstrate that you meet certain financial and language requirements.

You will not be allowed to work while in the UK on a fiancé visa, and you must show that you and your partner will be able to support yourselves and any children during this time.

The UK Border Agency provides guidance on how to prove all of this, but for advice about your specific situation, it’s best to speak to a trained immigration adviser at Global Migrate.

As with all UK visas, you’ll also need to meet suitability criteria. These guidelines focus on things like criminal records, past immigration, and similar issues. You will also need to prove that you and your fiancé have suitable accommodation, and that you live together.

If you have been denied a fiancé visa, you have the ability to appeal. Most refusals are because the proper evidence has not been submitted. As Global Migrate, we have our senior advisors check every fiancé visa to ensure you have a strong application with no errors.

To get more information about fiancé visas, call Global Migrate today. With 15 years of experience and a very high success rate, we are experts in fiancé visa applications.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Tier-1 General Visa Extension

Tier-1 General Visa Extension

The Tier 1 (General) visa is now closed to applicants from outside the United Kingdom, and most applicants who are in the UK on a different visa. However, if you are currently in the United Kingdom under a Tier 1 (General) visa, you may be able to extend your stay.

Due to ongoing changes to this visa category, we strongly recommend speaking to one of our qualified immigration advisors. They will be able to help with your application based on the most current set of rules. The requirements and eligibility vary greatly, with the date of your initial application, whether you have an approval letter under the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme, and where you made your application all being taken into consideration.

If you currently hold a Tier 1 (General) visa, you might be eligible for a settlement visa. If you have been in the UK for 5 years, you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain. This type of visa will allow you to remain in the UK without any time limit on your stay. If you think this is the right choice for you, get in touch with us for an initial assessment.

Alternatively, you might be able to apply for a Tier 2 visa. This points-based visa will require you to have a job offer from a licensed sponsor. For more details about Tier 2 visas, read our information page on the topic. You can also give us a call, or request a call back, to discuss the specifics of your case.

With fifteen years of helping people with their visa applications, Global-Migrate is a trusted and successful immigration advisor. Get in touch today for your free initial assessment, and advice about your application.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Denmark green Card The Greencard scheme allows you to work in Denmark

Denmark green Card

The Greencard scheme allows you to work in Denmark without any restrictions. This is a points based application and you need to score a minimum of a 100 pints based on your age, education, language and work experience. A residence permit under the Greencard scheme gives you the right to carry out paid or unpaid work. However, the Ministry of Integration clearly specifies that this permit does not give you the right to work as a self-employed person i.e. you run your own business. You must also be able to prove that you can financially support yourself during your first year in Denmark.

Monday, 7 January 2013

British Citizenship

British Citizenship

Becoming a British citizen is the last step in the immigration process. Through naturalisation, immigrants are given the same rights as those born in the UK. If you have been granted a settlement visa, or indefinite leave to remain, applying for citizenship is the final immigration service available.

There are several ways to apply for British citizenship. Speak to one of Global-Migrate’s immigration experts to find out the best path based on your current citizenship and visa status. To apply for citizenship, you will need to have been living and working in the UK for three to five years. The exact amount of time will depend on your current visa category. For people living in the UK as the married spouse or civil partner of a British citizen, you will need to be resident for three years. To check the residence requirement for your case, call Global-Migrate for more information and a free assessment.

The citizenship application includes requirements that are not found in visa applications. You will need to be of sound mind, meaning you are able to make your own decisions.

For anyone over 10 years of age who is not stateless, you will need to demonstrate good character. This includes acting lawfully and paying taxes. Your criminal background will also be checked, and you will be asked about participation in any war crimes or genocide.

If you are considering making an application for British citizenship, it is highly recommended that you speak to an immigration advisor first. With fifteen years of experience, Global-Migrate is a leading expert in immigration, and we can help you with your citizenship application.

We work with hundreds of applicants every year, and our highly trained case workers keep up to date with all the changing immigration regulations. If you want to become a British citizen, get in touch with Global-Migrate today to discuss your path to naturalization.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Australia Visa and Immigration

Australia Visa and Immigration

Thinking of moving to Australia? Don’t think, do it, as this would be one of the best decisions you would ever make …

Well if you have, then Global-Migrate is here to assist. As migration agents we completely understand that migration to Australia is not just a lengthy process but also complicated. However, with many years or practice and experience we fully understand the standard of work required in your application process for a successful application. It’s not just about complying with all the regulations, it’s as much about presenting the facts of your case in the right way to ensure that your application gets through the system the first time you apply. As a company that hires MARA registered agents we are bound by a strict code of conduct for your protection (MARA Code of Conduct)