Monday, 11 February 2013

UK Immigration Visa

UK Immigration Visa

After successfully assisting thousands of applicants with their immigration queries, we have established ourselves as the most trusted and leading name in today's UK immigration industry. We are proud to have clients who are happy with our high quality services. As We have a proven track record of thousands of successful visa applications and happy clients, our existing or previous client's are always referring their friends or family to us, thus making us believe we deliver what we promise. Our team of highly experienced, expert immigration consultants are familiar with today's forever changing immigration regulations. We are proud to provide free assessment to all candidates who contact us. Complete our free assessment now which is quick and simple and let us take the stress on your behalf.

We offer a wide range of UK visa and uk immigration assistance to anyone wishing to lodge a strong application to the UK Home Office (UK Border Agency) & British Embassies all over the world. Our highly experienced teams of OISC registered caseworkers are assist clients with all kinds of UK immigration applications. Whether your case is a straightforward immigration application or you would like to re-apply due to an unfair Home Office/UK Embassy decision or an error in your previous application we are here to help.

The UK immigration process can be difficult as there are many different UK visas to choose from. They all have different rules and regulations that one has to meet. Therefore to avoid rejection of their applications thousands of people use our expert help and advice which becomes useful for them in the end. With the help of our professional and highly qualified UK immigration legal case workers, you can rest assured that your application is in good hands.

Why don’t you try our free assessment tool to determine which Visa is suitable for you, or alternatively you can call us on +44 (0) 207 9934762 to discuss your case in depth.

Contact us now for all your UK Visa inquiries now.

We can assist you with any of the following applications.

Family Visas

We have a dedicated team of UK immigration caseworker's ready to help you with your UK visa services whether that be through your relationship, or ancestry. You could be looking to apply for a Fiancé visas, Marriage/spouse visas, De facto/unmarried partner visas, Same-sex/civil partner visas, Family dependant visas, or, like mentioned before a UK Ancestry visas.

Spouse Visas - If you are a settled UK citizen, a Spouse or Marriage visa allows your husband or wife to join you in the UK. Our Spouse visa application team can help you in obtaining this visa.

Unmarried Partner Visas - This application for anyone who has lived with their (unmarried) UK settled partner for at least two years. Our dedicated case worker can help you apply for a UK Unmarried Partner visa.

Civil Partner Visas - The Civil Partner visa's eligibility criteria is very similar to a UK Spouse visa, however, it applies only to those who are in a same-sex relation with a UK settled resident or a British/EU citizen.

Fiancé Visas - You may apply for this visa if you are engaged to a UK settled person. Although it sounds like a "Do it yourself" application, the fact is that the refusal rate of all application made by the applicant themselves is very high. This is merely due to the fact that this requires a lot of documents which our legal team can help you prepare. This is the first step to enter the UK to live with your UK settled partner and gradually apply for a UK.

UK Ancestry Visas - If you have British ancestors, UK Ancestry Visas are a UK visa immigration option. We can help you with this application whether you are in the UK or outside the UK.

UK Family Dependant Visas - This visa is for individuals who want their dependants to join them in the UK. We specialise in all UK Family dependency visa advice, and services.

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