Friday, 8 March 2013


According to recent information of the UK National Office of data the net immigration for the first six months of 2012 is with 33% lower than the same time during the before year. The National Office of Statistics said that in the first part of 2012 UK population rose by 163 000 people in comparison with 247 000 during the period January-July 2011. The government of UK has welcomed the decrease. The Prime Minister David Cameroon has promised to reduce the immigration below 100 000 people before the end of 2015. The UK Immigration minister Mark Harper has said that all of the current reforms are bringing the desired effect and are reduction the visa abuse to acceptable levels. He said that the UK government remains faithful to its goal to bring the net immigration from hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands per year. The net immigration figure is considered by subtracting the number of emigrants from the number of immigrants over any given time

According to the UK National Office of Statistics the main reason why people come to Britian is education. During 2012 however the number of the incoming international students has decreased with 20%. In addition to that the number the number of people that are coming to UK from Nigeria, India and Pakistan has fallen with 30% from 168,000 in 2011 to 117,000 in 2012. There was also a fall of 14,000 in the number of immigrants coming to the UK from eastern Europe. In the year to June 2012, 62,000 came, the ONS said. Some people were however serious of the policies of the UK government. Chris Bryant, the opponent Labour Party’s spokesperson on immigration said that the ruling association has failed to reduce the immigration that is most problematic, but instead has deterred mostly students from entering the country.

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