Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Tier 1 - Post Study Work Visa

The Tier 1 (Post-study work) category allows the UK to retain international graduates who have studied here.
On 30 June 2008, the Border Agency scrapped the IGS, SEGS and the Fresh Talent also known as Working in Scotland scheme, with a view to bringing these in line with the immigration points-based system (PBS). The PBS was aimed at ensuring that only the right individuals were granted entry to remain in the UK.
During their permission to stay here, post-study workers can look for work without needing to have a sponsor. However, If successful in gaining the PSW visa, holders will be able to transfer into Tier 2 รข€“ the highly skilled workers visa if a company is willing to sponsor them.
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Eligibility Criteria

The Tier 1 Post Study work scheme requires that the applicant must have completed an approved course of study at a recognised institution within 1 year of the application being submitted. This could mean that the applicant may have completed a Bachelor’s degree course, a Master’s or a PhD course. Apart from this the applicant also needs to meet various differen criteria such as meeting a language requirement and maintaining a minimum balance in their personal bank accounts for a certain amount of time.
Once approved the Tier 1 Post Stufy Work Visa is valid for two years and is not extendable. The applicant MUST switch to a different category if they are eligible or return to their home country.

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