Friday, 1 March 2013

Australia Working Holiday

Australia Working Holiday

Whether you’re looking for the sun, surfing, or just want to spot a few kangaroo, Australia is a great destination. The Australian Working Holiday visa is an incredibly popular way for young adults to spend a year down under. You’ll get to travel around Australia, and unlike many tourist visas, you’ll be able to earn some extra cash by taking on certain jobs.

This can give you a great set of work experience while being an amazing tourism experience. Of course, the application can be confusing, so it’s worth getting advice from a qualified immigration consultant.

The Working Holiday Visa isn’t for everybody. To qualify, you must be between 18 and 30, and a citizen of certain countries. To find out if you qualify, speak to one of Global-Migrate’s advisors today.

In general, your visa will be valid for 12 months, though in some cases you might be eligible to apply for a second 12 months. For this, you’ll need to do specified work in regional Australia. For more details about what this means, get in touch with Global-Migrate’s working holiday experts.

During your stay, you are allowed to work for an employer for up to six months. You will also be able to travel in and out of Australia as much as you’d like. This means you can go home as often as you want during your 12 months.

Global-Migrate’s consultants have helped loads of people like you get their working holiday visa. We offer a free initial visa assessment, and only take on clients we believe will be successful. To find out more about our services, give us a call, email us, or request a call back.

Spending a year in Australia can be an experience you’ll remember for the rest of your life. To make the best visa application possible, you’ll want to use the help of a MARA registered visa consultant at Global-Migrate. We can help make your Australian working holiday dream a reality, so get in touch today.

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