Saturday, 20 October 2012

Tier 1 - Entrepreneur Visa

Tier 1 - Entrepreneur Visa

An Entrepreneur Visa is a Tier 1 Points-Based System (PBS) application. The entrepreneur category is for those investing a substantial amount in the United Kingdom by setting up or taking over, and being actively involved in the running of one or more businesses. Candidates may apply to immigrate to the UK under this visa or they may switch from a different category if they are already in the UK. They might not be able to switch within the country if they are on certain visa types so if you are not sure please call our UK team on +44 (0)2079934762 to check. Due to the nature of this visa a candidate does not need to have a job offer, but they are expected to meet the same points requirements as other applicants within the Tier 1 bracket.

Thank you for visiting UK’s largest and most reputable UK immigration consultancy. At Global-Migrate we hire a dedicated team to advise those who wish to migrate to the UK on a Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa. You could be a business man who wants to invest in an existing business in the UK or you could be someone who wished to establish a new business venture in the United Kingdom. There are various different routes for inestors to migrate to the UK. You could migrate to the UK via theTier 1 Entrepreneur Visa or a Tier 1 investor visa. As we have been in business for over 15 years we have assisted many rich and wealthy people from all over the world to settle in the UK and gradually become British Citizens. Most of our client’s contact us from countries including China, UAE, Russia, USA, India and Hong Kong. We provide a bespoke service for such valuable clients including assitance with the UK Visa, relocation, opening bank accounts, property search and education planning for their children.

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