Sunday, 28 October 2012

Long Term Residency

Long Term Residency

The Long Residence application is allowed for a discretionary grant of settlement after 10 years continuous lawful residence or 14 years continuous residence of any legality provided there were no serious countervailing factors.
To apply for a Long residence application you must meet one of the following criteria;

10 year long residency

In order to be granted ILR following 10 years long residence, the applicant must satisfy the criteria for continuous lawful residence. This means that they would have to meet the criteria for continuous residence as well as having
been lawfully resident in the UK for at least 10 years. Continuous residence would mean that the applicant has had valid leave to remain at all times during the 10 years in the UK. The applicant also has to prove that the stay in the UK has been lawful which means that the applicant has had:

1. No interruptions in the legality of stay (all applications for visa extension had been made in due time before expiry of the visa, although discretion should be exercised in case of one delay of not mare than 10 business days);
2. No considerations that make grant of indefinite leave undesirable;
3. No unspent convictions;
4. Successful completion of Knowledge of Life in the UK test.

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