Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Tier 4 (Students)- Applications For Student Visa Extension In The UK

From the 5 April 2013, all Tier 4 (General) applications that are made in the UK must be submitted to the UK Border Agency through an online application form.  The only exceptions are:
  • Applicants who are using the Super Premium Service
  • Applicants who have already booked a Public Enquiry Office appointment
If you are currently preparing your application but intend to apply after 5 April 2013, you will need to use the online application form.

This is suitable for Tier 4 applicants who are:
  • applying before 6 April 2013 OR 
  • using Super Premium Service OR 
  • attending a pre-booked Public Enquiry Office appointment
For More Info Check This Link: http://goo.gl/MY1jM
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